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homeloanHQ is part of a group that has been providing home loans since 1985.
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Only High Praise for HomeloanHQ.

F - Fast, Favourable
A - Accomodating, Articulate
I - Interest Rates better than most
R - Reliable, very reliable!

FAIR, what more can you ask from your new lender?  We picked up homeloanHQ as a "Plan B" application initially, and when our "Plan A" lender dropped us through their own stupidity, homeloanHQ made everything right again and quickly with their pre-approval system.  Had we been aware just how good the loans process and loans were with homeloanHQ, we would have not hesitated in the first instance. 

We are with mutliple lenders and can't wait to use their great products again in the near future. 
Great Loan, Great Product, Great Online Service  and support.  10/10 for sure.
Give them a "FAIR" go and you will find them "FAIR" dinkum.

Thanks homeloanHQ.

Menai, NSW

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